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Is your idea of a toy store "for kids only?"  If so, think again! OUR toy store attracts adults as much as "the little ones." With products such as Aroebies, Frisbees, Wiffle Balls and Bats, and Kites, we provide equipment fot a lot of outdoor fun in southern Illinois.  We offer the largest selection of Hello Kitty items in southern Illinois. Our action figures depicting such characters as Einstein, Dickens, Freud, Edgar Allen Poe, Jane Austin and others are highly popular among SIU shoppers.

Nowhere is there a more zany "silly" section than at My Favorite Toys. Such goofiness as the Horrified B Movie Victims, Glow-In-The-Dark Zombies, and Frogmen Versus Radioactive Octopus playsets are great fun. Or try the Get Rich Guru Ball in the style of the old Magic 8 Balls, or our dashboard Parking Space Goddess.

We also boost an extensive Retro section chock full of tin toys, Slinkys, Potato Guns, Marbles, Jacks, Kazoos.....and on and on! Familiar with the Benders, those wire magnetic characters from Hogwild Toys? Well, we have more Benders than anyone around --- Hockey Joe and Soccer Sue, Joltin' Joe the baseball player, Benders and Dragons sets, and zillions of other Bender characters.

So yes, indeed, we have plenty of trains, dolls, trucks and bouncy balls for the little kids, but there's great fun for the big, adult-type kids as well. Come see us and check it out!
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